Sunday, 1 May 2011

And so it begins!!! Box week one!!

Hello all, hope everyone had an ace easter and is enjoying the clear sunny breaks between the impending winteryness. I have been getting excited about lighting fires in the middle of the day on cold wet days, and enjoying the green-ness of just about everything around here.

Also exciting.....this week's box...check these guys out ... yes they are large!

we chose these boxes because they are reasonably strong, recycled and almost endlessly recyclable, big enough to fit $40 worth of fruit and veg plus a few other items as well, so when you pick up said box you can fit the rest of your weekly goodies in there as well! We are anticipating that Wednesdays will be fairly busy with box schemers plus the usual shoppers, we will see how we go. If they turn out too big and clunky we might look at alternatives-some box schemes have strong cardboard boxes with lids which look great, but cost a bit more and don't last as long.


I can imagine a burning question in each of your minds.....'is she going to tell us what is in The Box??'

I will not entirely spoil the surprise, but here's a recipe (courtesy of Andrew, source shop manager and chef extraordinaire) There will also be a few treat-ey fruits from the North Island and some organic mushrooms as well...

Hot Roast Veggie Salad with Pesto and Olives
¾ cup cashews,
 enough olive oil to facilitate a nice mushy texture,
chilli powder to taste,
rapadura sugar to taste,
salt to taste.
Blend above ingredients, or mash in a mortar and pestle

Roasted Bit
Roast butternut pumpkin, spuds, beetroot and carrots, all cut up into chunks,  on tray with safflower oil, sprinkled with salt. Oven 180 degrees until soft brown and yummy (40 min approx).  Add zucchini 15 min before ready. Add green tomatoes, or rhubarb with the zucchini if you have them, as the acidity of these vegetables goes oohhhh sooooo well with the oil.

Stir Pesto though veg and add olives, serve hot, mmmmmmmmm delicious!
 'Extras' shopping list- cashews, olives, rapadura sugar and tasty tassie olive oil. 

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